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Cape fishermen push for action on habitat protection

Part of managing fisheries is identifying and protecting that habitat. But the ocean is a big place and a difficult environment to do analysis. Politically, it’s also fractious terrain as fishermen worry about the balance between conservation and being shut out of traditional and productive fishing grounds. And so, it took 14 years for the New England Fishery Management to craft regulations protecting fish habitat, passing Omnibus Habitat Amendment 2 in June of 2015. But after over two years of review by the council and the National Marine Fisheries Service, it still hasn’t been implemented,,, click here to read the story 11:19

Saving Seafood Responds to Eco Ocean Story, “Saving Seafood Offers Red Herring for Groundfish”

The following is an excerpt from the article “Saving Seafood Offers Red Herring for Groundfish,” originally published April 12 by Mike Misner on the blog Eco Ocean. Saving Seafood’s response  to Mr. Misner’s article is below.logo

In favor of opening protected areas in New England, Saving Seafood has offered red herring. continued