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Opinion: Some students learn from mistakes – Jack Emberly, retired teacher, local author and environmentalist.

Maple Ridge News – In the 1960s, the DFO paid $15 for harbor seal “snouts,” proof an enemy of Pacific salmon had been killed. Bounty hunters – commercial and recreational fishermen eager to help the cause – shot thousands of animals. Many seals sank before they could give up their noses. Dr. Lance Barrett-Lennard, biologist Vancouver Aquarium, recalls this culling campaign as an example of government tinkering with a perfectly self-regulating bio-system. alrighty then ,,,,,,,,,continued

National Marine Fisheries Service plans workshops on harbor seal protections

The National Marine Fisheries Service will conduct workshops in Juneau and Yakutat on April 22-23, seeking public comment on vessel interaction with harbor seals in glacial fjords. Yakutat, a community of 622 at the top of Alaska’s  Panhandle, has one of the highest uses of subsistence resources in the state, and harbor seals are the backbone of its subsistence food. continued