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Sen. Charlie Albertson: Preserving Waterfront Access in NC

Senator Charlie Albertson was interviewed to explore his role in passing the Waterfront Access and Marine Industry Fund, which protected waterfront parcels of real estate for commercial and recreational uses. Senator Albertson explains he learned from his colleagues the value of protecting access for the commercial fishing industry and the value of North Carolina’s fish houses to the state’s coastal heritage, and how they all wanted to do something to help protect that heritage. Watch the video here 16:34

The Esther II: A father’s boat, a son’s heart

TREMONT –  Back in the 1940s and ‘50s, Charles Orville Trask used to set out from Bass Harbor and head 20 miles offshore to lobster fish and tub-trawl for hake around Mount Desert Rock, Great Duck Island, and Frenchboro. Trask used to be an assistant sales manager for Ditto, Inc., in Chicago, pre-photocopier. He was fairly successful, but had a bad spell after his first wife divorced him. He returned to Maine and married Esther Moore, a teacher who was born and raised on Gotts Island (and was a sister of famous Maine author Ruth Moore). [email protected]

Jarvis Newman, early fiberglass trend-setter

BDN – Newman recalls meeting Irona’s owner, Frank Cram. He convinced Cram to let him take a mold from the classy yacht, which was Bunker and Ellis’ 42nd boat, launched in 1964.“I said, ‘Look, if I take your boat for the winter, I’ll bring it back to you in the spring and I’ll pay for the storage, and I’ll completely take all the paint off the hull and repaint it for nothing,’” recalls Newman. “It was a very big win-win for him. It was a scary thought, taking a mold off a boat like that, because if it ever stuck – oooh, that would be a disaster.” continued