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Britain’s High Court deals blow to UK Brexit hopes

Brexit-jpgBritain’s prime minister cannot trigger Brexit single-handedly, the country’s High Court has ruled, in a decision that embarrassed the government and gave new hope to ‘Remainers’. After a high-stakes argument over the balance of power between Parliament and the Crown, the court ruled unanimously that the ‘royal prerogative’ did not give the government power to start the legal process of taking Britain out of the European Union. Prime minister Theresa May had planned to trigger the ‘Article 50’ treaty exit clause by the end of March, but must now first seek the approval of parliament. This will open the door to Remainers who wish to dilute or even block Brexit. Read the story here 17:11

‘Criminalising fishermen is one of the most appalling things any Government or body could do to its own people.’

THE criminalisation of fishermen who are simply trying to make a living has got to stop, according to Cllr Michael Collins. The independent councillor tabled a motion calling on the Minister for the Marine, Simon Coveney, to change the laws that are currently being challenged in the High Court.  Speaking at Monday’s meeting of the Western Committee of Cork County Council, Cllr Collins pointed out that two brothers – the owner and the skipper of the Tea Rose trawler that operates out of Castletownbere – are in the process of testing the legality of the Domestic Points Regulations system, which was introduced under the Common Fisheries Policy. Read the rest here 18:17