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Fishermen Save Twenty-three people, including 14 kids, rescued from sinking boat in Chesapeake Bay

Jeremy Shockley heard the distress call come across the marine radio channel Wednesday as he and his son, Daniel, checked on their boat after catching crabs at a Chesapeake Bay marina on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. “Mayday. Mayday,” Shockley heard over the radio around 5:30 p.m. “Vessel taking on water.” He quickly surmised the coordinates being given and realized it was at Bloodsworth Island in Dorchester County, about 35 minutes north of his remote location in Wingate. “I hollared, ‘Let’s go get them,’” Shockley, 42, recalled Thursday. He, his son and two friends took off to help rescue the boat. But they didn’t realize as they raced in Shockley’s 36-foot boat exactly who they were about to save — 14 school-aged kids, five parent chaperones and a teacher, as well as two instructors and a captain from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation who were leading the educational trip on the area’s ecology. Read the rest here 18:20