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House bill would damage state’s commercial fishing – John Day, Saxapahaw, North Carolina

thetimesnews.com – One of the most beleaguered segments of the local food system is wild-caught seafood. It’s a story of cultural heritage and very healthy, tasty food running up against coastal developers, the sport fishing industry, imports and political agendas. continued

Pamlico leaders give thumbs down toHouse Bill 983

Sun Journal Staff – The board gave a unanimous vote of disapproval to House Bill 983, which would classify the species as game fish, limit harvests to hook-and-line catches by recreational anglers and prohibit sales. continued

Gamefish measure sparks commercial fishing industry anger

“It (the bill) is taking fish, which science has proven commercial fishing has little impact to, and gives it to the group that has 90 percent of it,” he said. “They (state legislators) are saying recreational fishermen should be given full control of the fishery.” continued

Another assault on commercial fishermen

I write this letter to say thank you to the editor of the Carteret County News-Times for the truthful and thought provoking editorial, “An obviously bad bill, in the April 24 issue of the paper. My connection to this issue of opposing House Bill 983 is I am the mother of a full time commercial fisherman in Carteret County. From the first day he began to make his living on the water he, and all the rest of the fisherman, have had to battle the weather, increased regulations, sky high fuel costs and licenses both in number and costs. continued