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Narragansett Bay – Invasive Asian Crab Outcompeting Young Lobsters

Speculation about the cause of the decline of lobster populations in Narragansett Bay has focused on an increasing number of predatory fish eating young lobsters, warming waters stressing juveniles, and a disease on their shells that is exacerbated by increasing temperatures. A new study by a scientist at the University of North Carolina points to another contributing factor: Asian shore crabs.,,, Adult lobsters live in much deeper water than the shallow intertidal zone inhabited by Asian shore crabs, so the two species seldom interact. But some larval lobsters settle in the intertidal and subtidal zones, which they use as nursery habitat. Prior to the arrival of Asian shore crabs, it was an area that had fewer predators and an abundance of food. But now the young lobsters are finding themselves in competition with the crabs for food and shelter. >click to read<09:25

‘Huge’ Atlantic lobster washed up in Vancouver likely set free by animal-lovers

It’s certainly not a typical sight on Vancouver beaches — or anywhere on the West Coast, in fact. The carcass of a large lobster, native to the Atlantic ocean, with claws almost as big as a man’s size 11 shoe. “I saw it from far away, and thought wow, that’s a lobster,” said Damon Gudaitis, who spotted a dog walker pick it from the surf while walking in New Brighton Park in East Vancouver last week. Gudaitis snapped a picture and sent it to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, curious what the alien crustacean was doing there. He didn’t hear back, but local biologists have offered a likely explanation. Read the article here 21:57