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Scientists have routinely exaggerated the “evil twin of climate change” aka ocean acidification

ocean-acidification-alarmA new paper published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science puts the issue of “ocean acidification” to the test, and finds that there has been significant exaggeration in the issue. The paper is: Applying organized scepticism to ocean acidification research “Ocean acidification” (OA), a change in seawater chemistry driven by increased uptake of atmospheric CO2 by the oceans, has probably been the most-studied single topic in marine science in recent times. The majority of the literature on OA report negative effects of CO2 on organisms and conclude that OA will be detrimental to marine ecosystems. As is true across all of science, studies that report no effect of OA are typically more difficult to publish. Read the rest here 11:12

New Study Finds Fishermen’s Expertise is Rarely Considered by Scientists

paul vitale 2012The study, published this week as Editor’s Choice by the ICES Journal of Marine Science shows that if scientists from Canada to Kiribati had worked more closely with fishermen over the last 100 years they could well have prevented infamous events like crashes in regional cod populations, as well as some of the rapid degradation we are currently seeing in tropical coral reef environments. Read more here 11:45   ICES article here

Speaking of Dr. Brian Rothschild,,,

In addition to the news of he and fellow Patent applicant Glenn Chamberlain filing to the Patent and Trademark office, Dr. Rothschild, Emily F. Keiley, and Yue Jiao had a paper published at the ICES Journal of Marine Science, “Failure to eliminate overfishing and attain optimum yield in the New England groundfish fishery”. I’ve made a pass through it, and it is a fascinating read. If you follow New England fishery issues, you must review it. Read the report here 10:46