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Dick Grachek – Pew laboring overtime on Tuna, in the Biblical sense.

douche bagCouldn’t resist; spent the whole day on this, got so fired up at their blatant BS. DGpickle sniffer

Fish News EU reports another missive from Pew (see copy and link below). And it’s a Beaut…so full of feeling.

“THREE days after a single Pacific bluefin tuna fetched $1.76 million at auction in Tokyo, scientists have revealed their population has dropped 96.4 per cent from unfished levels, due to decades of overfishing.”

Notice how Pew cites the generic “scientists”, never mentioning exactly who these “scientists” are, or for whom they are working or receiving grants from, or who funded this particular scientific revelation.  As if with the word scientist, the reader should pause a moment in awe and wonderment and take every word that follows as gospel—no need to inquire any further.  If the Pewian scientists have revealed unto us…Behold, and we shall then believe. Read more!