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Individual, commercial fishing interests clash in Alaska Board of Fisheries testimony

Many of the players and stakeholders in Southeast Alaska’s salmon and herring fisheries laid out their positions Tuesday morning (2-24-15), as the  opened its spring meeting to public testimony. Although the board had already received detailed, written comments on the 107 management proposals, it is in the oral testimony that most people’s concerns and frustrations really emerge. Audio Read the rest here 22:18

Alaska’s 2013 First Runs of Reds & Kings

By LAINE WELCH – SitNews – It might still feel like winter in some parts of the state but Alaska’s 2013 salmon season will officially get underway on May 16, when the first runs of reds and kings are scheduled to arrive at Copper River.   The season’s first fish will attract the usual media hoopla – helicopters whisking salmon from the fishing grounds to awaiting planes, ready to fly them to eager restaurateurs and retailers in Seattle,,,,,continued