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Private Oceans: The enclosure and marketisation of the seas

Neoliberalism, the restructuring of global capitalism that has taken place since the 1970s, has made commercial fishing vastly more profitable for corporations and large boat owners. Fish and ordinary fishers have fared much worse. Our oceans face overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution and a biodiversity crisis driven by warming water linked to climate change, while government policies exclude thousands of ordinary people from commercial fishing. Private Oceans: The enclosure and marketisation of the seas, examines the effects of one of the main causes of this exclusion, Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs), pioneered in the 1980s in New Zealand fisheries, and further developed in Iceland through the 1990’s and now an intrinsic part of the Common Fisheries Policies (CFP) of the European Union. click here to read the story 08:58

North Coast Fishermen Voice Concerns About the Proposed Individual Transferable Quota System

The United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union’s president met with North Coast fishermen today, to discuss the proposed changes the DFO plans to make to the salmon fishery from an open fishery model to individual transferable quotas. And that is exactly what is on Bill Smiths mind… a fishermen of 37 years… who says the bottom line is, he won’t be able to afford a quota system. “I can’t afford to buy other licence and I really object to paying somebody else to fish a portion of their quota. What most strikes me about this whole process, is how undemocratic and how unscientific it is.”- Bill Smith, Northern Gillnetter Read [email protected]  02:15