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Tsunami death toll rises as rescue efforts expand along the Indonesia coast

The death toll from a tsunami that hit the coast of Indonesia after a volcanic eruption rose above 370 on Monday, as rescuers dug through rubble with heavy machinery and bare hands along an expanding section of coastline affected by the deadly waves.  More than 120 people are still missing, and more than 1,400 were injured when the tsunami struck the Indonesia islands of Java and Sumatra almost without warning late Saturday, shortly after the Anak Krakatau volcano erupted in the Sunda Strait dividing the islands. Earlier on Monday morning, Indonesia’s Disaster Management Agency had put the death toll at 281. But the agency later said 373 people were confirmed dead, 1,459 injured and 128 missing. >click to read<10:41

La. shrimp industry representatives welcome Trump tariffs, Other U.S. seafood interests oppose

Louisiana shrimp industry representatives welcomed the Trump administration’s announcement today that it will impose tariffs on Chinese seafood imports. Members of the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force, meeting in Houma, said they are considering a push for similar 10 percent tariffs on other top countries that send shrimp to the U.S., including India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Shrimpers in Terrebonne, Lafourche and across the U.S. coast have long complained that a wave of cheaper, mostly farm-raised imports has made it difficult for domestic shrimp fishermen to compete. About 90 percent of shrimp consumed in the U.S. is imported. >click to read<09:01

Indonesia Seizes Fugitive Fishing Boat Carrying 18 Miles of Illegal Gillnets

Indonesia, acting on a request from Interpol, has seized a fishing boat carrying 600 illegal gillnets that can stretch up to 30 km (18 miles) after it evaded capture in several countries, the Fisheries Ministry said. The vessel, the STS-50, had targeted Antarctic toothfish, the ministry said, a cod species that plays an important role in the Southern Ocean ecosystem. Officially stateless, the STS-50 evaded authorities by flying eight different flags at different times, including those of Sierra Leone, Togo, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Micronesia and Namibia, the ministry said in a statement on Sunday. >click to read<13:22

Shrimpers Lost

Today we’re going shrimping in Venice, Louisiana. Acy Cooper is our guide. Sharyl: How important is the shrimping business to your personally? Acy Cooper: It’s everything to me. You know, my family does it. My dad’s 80 years old, he still fishes. And my two boys has entered the business, and my daughter she married a fisherman. Louisiana’s shrimp industry has been a family affair for more than a century.,,  Now my sons and all they starting to struggle now, because of what’s going on. He’s talking about foreign shrimp flooding the market from places China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. The U.S. has become a massive importer of a resource we have right here at home. About 94% of the shrimp we eat comes from abroad, selling for a fraction of the price of the ones caught at home. There’s no getting around it: The US shrimping industry is dying. click here to read the story 13:01

Video: Octopus tentacles shoot out of rock pool as fishermen use controversial fork method to catch creature

Fishermen have been accused of ‘brutal’ behaviour after a gruesome video showed them using FORKS to catch an octopus. However, some viewers claim the fishermen’s method is “natural”. The footage, shot in East Java, Indonesia, has had 23,000 hits but viewers are undecided on whether the alternative fishing method is “inhumane”. In the film, fishermen are seen digging up in a shallow rock pool, using a fork to work out where the water is deeper. They then insert food, believed to be chicken, on a line. As soon as a tentacle reaches up, they grab the animal and tug it up. Watch the video here 14:43

Indonesia to sink illegal fishing vessels

Starting Saturday, the Indonesian government will sink foreign ships conducting illegal, unreported and undocumented fishing operations along the country’s sea borders, a cabinet minister said Thursday. “We will take stern legal measures, including sinking the ships,”  Read the rest here 08:51

Global powers sign declaration on sustainable fishing

ATHENS) – Officials from some of the world’s top fishing powers signed a declaration in Greece on Friday to promote sustainable management of fish stocks. The signatories — the EU, United States, Japan, Philippines, Colombia and Indonesia — pledged to support measures to address fishing overcapacity. Read more here eubusiness.com 14:08

Pew: The Pacific 6: Chinese Taipei, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China and the United States are responsible for 80% of the annual catch of big eye tuna,

193X122PEWLogoThe accompanying analysis, by Pew Charitable Trusts attending the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting in Cairns Australia this week, also documents the destructive methods they use to dominate the $USD 7billion industry. The 43 member countries of the body responsible for the world’s largest tuna fishery – the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission – will negotiate from today on an action plan to end overfishing of bigeye tuna by 2018. [email protected] 09:23

The Coalition of Gulf Shrimp Industries (COGSI) has asked the U.S. government financial support of special duties to offset unfair trade advantage

 The Coalition of Gulf Shrimp Industries (COGSI) has asked the U.S. government financial support, through the application of special duties, to compensate for subsidized shrimp imports from China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Malaysia,  Thailand and Vietnam. “These duties are needed to offset the unfair trade advantage currently held by these countries,” the Coalition wrote. Read More