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Lake harvests are likely more fruitful than we knew

Harvests from freshwater fisheries such as the Great Lakes could total more than 12 million tons a year globally and contribute more to global food supplies and economies than previous estimates indicate, according to a study published today by Michigan State University and the U.S. Geological Survey.,,  Freshwater ecosystems across the planet provide valuable services, such as drinking water, hydropower, irrigation for agriculture and economically important recreation and tourism. The USGS, Michigan State University and partners estimated the 2011 fish harvest from over 246,000 lakes worldwide. They found that the harvest was 18.5 billion pounds, or the weight of more than a million large African elephants. click here to read the story 15:31

Inland Fisheries: Lake Huron Commercial fishery moves to Harbor Beach coastal waters

We believe that there is a substantial and exploitable population of lake whitefish out there,” said DNR fisheries biologist Jim Baker. “The Canadians have been taking lake whitefish out there all these many years on their side of the lake and we suspect that we have been serving as a reservoir to supply their commercial fishery.”To judge its potential, the DNR partnered with state-licensed commercial fisherman Dana Serafin out of Pinconning to explore new fishing grounds for lake whitefish in the area. Read the rest here 12:47

The International Joint Commission seeks tough rules to reduce Lake Erie algae

The U.S. and Canada should crack down on sources of phosphorus runoff blamed for a rash of harmful algae blooms on Lake Erie, an advisory agency said Thursday. The algae produce harmful toxins and contribute to oxygen-deprived “dead zones” where fish cannot survive. [email protected]  09:53

Commercial fishing is Petersen legacy as fourth generation continues a Muskegon tradition

-7f890c50bc1a0e20inlandMUSKEGON, MI – For a fourth generation Lake Michigan commercial fisherman trying to establish a fresh-fish retail and wholesale business in Muskegon, the 18-hour days are brutal. [email protected]

Paris, Tennessee. Where they WANT you to overfish! The only drawback is getting paid.

A variety of options to deal with the carp ­— many of which require a collaboration between state and area government leaders as well as commercial fishermen ­— have been suggested by experts.

[email protected]

Former chief of fisheries for Michigan DNR John Robertson,receives C.D. “Buzz” Besadny Award

The C.D. “Buzz” Besadny Award is named for the former Wisconsin DNR secretary and  chair who epitomized the role of the partnerships in fisheries management. Such cooperation is particularly important in the Great Lakes basin as eight states, the Canadian province of Ontario, and U.S. tribes work with federal agencies and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission to manage the shared fishery. [email protected]