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Insuring fishing boats in the Maritimes

Fishing and fishing vessels – these are things that are synonymous with the Maritimes. And where there’s industry, there is risk. And where there’s risk, there is insurance. To discuss the business of Eastern Canadian fishing insurance, Insurance Business spoke to Keith Amirault, vice president Fairway Insurance Services, based out of Digby, Nova Scotia. The industry is changing, Amirault said, with companies consolidating fishing programs for greater efficiencies. click here to read the story 12:00

Sealing industry is much more than the sealers. Its other jobs, too

The sealing industry is like most industries in that it employs many more people than simply the primary producer.,, There are many hundreds of Canadians who are dependent on the sealers for parts of their income. That income is threatened by attacks on the sealers and the sealing industry. Who are these people? They are the businesses who sell fuel, groceries, insurance (both personal and vessel), rifles and ammunition, and tools of the trade to sealers. Not to mention shipyard workers who repair damaged sealing vessels. They are truckers who transport seals from landing ports to the plants and buy gas, insurance and food in the process, as well automobile dealers who sell those vehicles. Click here to read the op-ed Jim Winter, St. John’s 17:21

The Importance of Insurance. Keep you and your boat covered

Insurance Contract PolicyBoat owners can be liable for more crew injury costs than they might expect. In high risk jobs someone is bound to get hurt or ill on deck.  Dillingham attorney Jurgen Jensen explains the importance of insurances and how they can keep the captain and the boat protected. “Injuries are pretty obvious: somebody’s going to get hurt. If you lose a finger, obviously that’s an injury that could happen on the boat, But this can also come up with illnesses. If somebody falls ill with cancer and they’re on your boat fishing, the court will say that you owe maintenance and cure. You will owe for medical bills while they’re getting cured of cancer, and you’ll owe the daily maintenance rate, which generally ranges between $35 and $55 dollars a day.” Maintenance- means the boat owner has to cover room and board while a fisherman recovers from his or her injury. Cure refers to the medical costs accumulated during recovery.  Jensen suggests that any boat injury be treated and documented to protect oneself against any future ailment claims from an injured crewman. Audio report, read the rest here 19:29

SCORE: Protecting your downside: Insurance for small businesses

tn-directory_clients1540383426promo_pictureEntrepreneurs and small business owners need at least some insurance. Below are some common types of insurance with a description of each. Some are necessary or required by law; others help with attracting and retaining employees and other situations. Many of these types of insurance can be bundled together into an “umbrella” policy or purchased separately. Talk to a licensed insurance agent with expertise and experience with the type of insurance you are searching for to determine appropriate coverage for your situation and get at least three comparable quotes before making any decisions. Read the article, Click here  12:50