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The Observer Program. Expanded

flameguard eagleThe US Fishing industry is the most scrutinized industry in the Nation. In another article today regarding the Mount Polley mine tailings pond dam breach, a fishermen’s representative laments, “We have fleets of boats with observers or cameras watching our every move to fish sustainably, and nobody is watching these folks as they destroy our ecosystem,”  I would like to expand the conversation regarding oversight of the regulators,,, <Read more here> 19:50

Dominion Virginia wins right to lease ocean tract for wind farm

Interior officials said they have worked with the Defense Department, maritime and fishing interests, and environmental groups to minimize or eliminate conflicts with wind turbines. Later in the development process, they likely will conduct a full environmental impact review to assess other potential problems. [email protected]  09:52

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Science Notes: Atlantic Discovery – Dick Grachek

Here’s some more info from the friendly science of BOEM and their benevolent deep sea exploration for cute little ecosystems, “but wait folks that’s not all…”  Why, you might ask, this (very expensive) interest in the Deep Sea ecology, no63338_485671558129923_2088140092_s dickygw? Why is NOAA sinking all this dough into this mysterious realm, at this time, when the declared Disaster in the fisheries is ignored, and when NOAA’s scientists claim a shortfall of funds as the justification for shoddy and incomplete fish stock surveys? continued