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Pew response fails to address EU fishing sector concerns over misleading information

news710It is disappointing that your response fails to address the issues that we have raised. We drew attention to the startling divergence between the (ICES) view and Pew’s claims about fishing pressure and the state of the stocks off North Western Europe. Turning the Tide, makes the assertion that: Fishing in recent decades, in pursuit of food and profit, off North West Europe has dramatically expanded. Calls by scientists and environmentalists to reduce fishing pressure have been ignored,,, Read the post here 08:07

Opinion: The race to catch the last fish in the sea – WILL we ever get our fisheries management better than half right?

I guess it was as a result of being asked to write the Keep Australian Fishing report that I continue to keep a weather eye on developments in fisheries management around the globe. Well perhaps “globe” is something of an exaggeration. Given that I speak and read only two languages – English and Australian – perhaps it would be more accurate to say that my interests tend to centre on NZ, Oz, USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK. Read the rest here 22:04