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Chance encounter leads 90-year-old angler to reconnect with her legendary status

Over the past 90 years, Lillian Scott has told a lot of big fish stories – but unlike most weekend anglers, she’s got the evidence to back hers up. Most of he pictures in Scott’s home show her standing next to fish the size of small cars with her late husband John, who was also their boat’s skipper. She also has a blue binder filled with newspaper and magazine clippings, photos and other mementos of a lifelong passion for fishing on the sea. But despite nearly a century of collecting her own fish stories – an arm trapped in the belly of a giant bass, reeling in the half-eaten dinner from inside another colossal fish – perhaps one of her most extraordinary tales happened in February during a chance encounter at Bass Pro Shops. >click to read<21:37

Hurting US Shark Fishermen: Enviro and recreational groups lobby Congress to pass the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act of 2016

A collective composed of 80 nonprofit and conservation organizations penned and postmarked a letter to the United States Congress, asking that legislators pass the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act of 2016, in effect banning the trade of shark fins in the United States. The Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act of 2016 is supported by more than 200 businesses, non-profits, associations and scientific organizations and would help save species of sharks from going extinct. Specific supporters include the American Sportfishing Association, the Recreational Fishing Alliance, the Billfish Foundation, Guy Harvey Foundation, the International Game Fish Association, Discovery Channel, Landry’s Inc, Lokai, Sea World and many others. NGO Oceana, who also supports the ban, said it conducted a poll that found eight in 10 Americans said they supported a national ban on the purchase and sale of shark fins. (I’d like to see that poll!) Read this. Click here 16:48

Recreational Fishing and Boating Community Calls on Congress to Revamp Marine Fisheries Management

“Congress should establish a national policy to promote saltwater recreational fishing,” said Mike Nussman, president and CEO of the American Sportfishing Association. “In addition, Congress must open the ‘rusted-shut’ door of marine fisheries allocation to achieve the greatest benefit to the nation.”A Vision for Managing America’s Saltwater Recreational Fisheries identifies six key policies that would achieve the commission’s vision. Those recommendations primarily focus on the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Read more here  09:33

IGFA join Pew Charitable Trusts in Call to Remove Longlines from Gulf of Mexico

The International Game Fish Association has long supported closing the Gulf of Mexico to surface longlines. But in an uncommon collaboration, this position is gaining new momentum as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) prepares a new proposed regulation for the region as early as this month. IGFA has partnered with the American Bluefin Tuna Association and The Pew Charitable Trusts on this effort. continued

The Bottom Line: Coming Together for Bluefin Tuna

It’s not every day that fishermen and environmentalists agree. But in a significant move, the American Bluefin Tuna Association and the International Game Fish Association are partnering with The Pew Charitable Trusts to protect bluefin tuna, one of the most amazing fish in the sea. By working together, we might be able to help ensure a brighter future for this depleted fish. continued