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North Pacific Halibut Bycatch Limit Could See 50 Percent Cut

alaska-halibut__frontHalibut harvests have been on the decline in the Bering Sea for years, but the amount that trawlers and catcher-processors are allowed to take has stayed the same. Now, federal regulators have agreed to consider stiffer limits on halibut bycatch. This weekend, the  voted to study the impact of cutting the 10 million-pound bycatch limit by as much as 50 percent. Read the rest here 16:17

OPINION: IPHC must reduce allowable bycatch – By Curtis Jackson

deckhand-halibut-longline-rbI first began commercial fishing for halibut along the Aleutian Chain and Bering Sea in 2002. The Aleutian Islands are an incredibly wild and beautiful place to make a living. The halibut we often saw were averaging 100 pounds and we had several trips of thirty to forty thousand pounds caught in just a few days and long hard working nights. The money was good and the work was some of the most difficult and rewarding I have ever done. Read the rest here 17:25