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Invasive Asian carp less than 50 miles from Lake Michigan

The news is mixed as Great Lake states and the federal government continue to devote money and brainpower to stopping a potential Great Lakes ecological disaster — invasive Asian carp species making their way from the Mississippi River into Lake Michigan. First the good news: The leading edge of the mass of bighead and silver carp hasn’t made much progress lately up the Mississippi and connected rivers toward Lake Michigan. Now the bad news: The younger fish — juveniles — are moving closer, the evidence shows. And they can do more damage. “The bottom line is that the juvenile front is advancing, and made a big jump last year,” said Joel Brammeier, president and CEO of the nonprofit Alliance for the Great Lakes. “And we still don’t have a permanent solution in place that’s going to solve this problem.” Read the story here 08:59

Floating factory vessel to process Invasive Asian Carp in Tennessee

Leaping from rivers and lakes like aquatic projectiles and ravaging the food base of native fish, Asian carp are loathed by outdoors enthusiasts and state wildlife officials alike for being not just a nuisance, but a threat to boating and fishing industries worth $2.9 billion and $2.1 billion, respectively, in Tennessee. Enter Joe Gillas. He sees the invasive fish as an opportunity. Gillas’ company, Riverine Fisheries International, plans to moor a factory fishing vessel at the Port of Cates Landing, located on the Mississippi River near Tiptonville, Tennessee, about 100 miles north of Memphis. The nearly 350-foot-long boat would process Asian carp caught in the Mississippi and other rivers and lakes into food products to be exported to some 20 countries, including China and Russia. “I think there’s a good business model here,” said Gillas, 53, who was born and raised in Alaska and has fished all over the world. “I think we can do something good and make money at the same time.” Read the story here 08:35

Inland Fisheries – Asian carp study reveals market for the invaders

The despised Asian carp in the Illinois River has been beaten with baseball bats and harpooned with arrows at local events, but a study from the University of Illinois commissioned by the city of Pekin shows that it may be time to invite them to the dinner table. The recent study, performed by the university’s Illinois Business Consulting School, shows that there is a market for Asian carp for human consumption, and non-human consumption for use as fertilizers, animal feed or beauty products, in both national and international markets.  Read the rest here 11:43

Invasive Asian carp fish spawning in Louisville

A highly invasive fish commonly called Asian carp is proliferating in the Ohio River at Louisville, with a spawning area below the McAlpine Locks and Dam. A report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says two species of the fish, Bighead and Silver carp, are spawning at Louisville. State Fish and Wildlife hosted a first-ever commercial fishing contest in 2013 at Kentucky and Barkley lakes to reduce the populations. Read the rest here 14:52

China again shows interest in Grafton fish plant – commercializing Asian carp

Chinese natural resources officials will visit American Heartland Fish Products Wednesday seeking knowledge about Asian carp from the U.S. manufacturing company that began reducing the invasive species’ populations in U.S. inland waterways, “They are interested in learning everything they can about what is going on with Asian carp in the U.S.,,, Read more here 11:14