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“Much sympathy” around this coastline for fishing communities pro-Brexit campaign

image brexit irelandAn Irish fishing industry representative says north Atlantic coastal states, including Ireland, Iceland and Norway, should form their own economic union with Britain if it votes to leave the EU this month. Irish Fish Producers Organisation chief executive Francis O’Donnell told The Irish Times that there was “much sympathy” around this coastline for the “Leave” camp. The impact of the EU common fisheries policy had been very severe on coastal communities on both islands, Mr O’Donnell said. He said Ireland has one of the largest and biologically fish-rich sea areas, but has been allocated quotas for 18 per cent of the total catch. For this reason he believes there is tacit support here for the grassroots Fishing for Leave campaign initiated by a British skipper, which says it has been endorsed this side of the Irish Sea in Northern Irish ports like Kilkeel, Co Down. Read the rest here 20:44

Calls for Ireland to double number of permits to protect migrant fishermen

The Irish government will have to issue at least 1,000 work permits to non-EU migrant fishermen – double the number announced by the government last week – if they want to provide protection to all those currently working on Irish trawlers, according to representatives from the Irish fishing industry. “I’ve been getting phone calls from fishermen all around Ireland who don’t think 500 will be enough to get everybody covered,” said Francis O’Donnell, the chief executive of the Irish Fish Producers’ Organisation. “I would be a lot more comfortable,,, Read the article here 11:00