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Calls for Ireland to double number of permits to protect migrant fishermen

The Irish government will have to issue at least 1,000 work permits to non-EU migrant fishermen – double the number announced by the government last week – if they want to provide protection to all those currently working on Irish trawlers, according to representatives from the Irish fishing industry. “I’ve been getting phone calls from fishermen all around Ireland who don’t think 500 will be enough to get everybody covered,” said Francis O’Donnell, the chief executive of the Irish Fish Producers’ Organisation. “I would be a lot more comfortable,,, Read the article here 11:00

Migrant fishermen permit scheme to be capped at 500

migrant fishermen irelandA new work permit system for non-European migrant workers in the fishing industry is to be capped at 500 individuals. Minister for Agriculture and the Marine Simon Coveney announced the details of the new scheme, which will initially apply only to people already working in Ireland. The proposals emerged from a working group set up by the Coalition, including a number of Government departments and State agencies. The establishment of the group three weeks ago followed a report in the Guardian newspaper. Read the article here 09:09

Guardian investigation – Revealed: trafficked migrant workers abused in Irish fishing industry

A year-long investigation into the Irish prawn and whitefish sector has uncovered undocumented Ghanaian, Filipino, Egyptian and Indian fishermen manning boats in ports from Cork to Galway. They have described a catalogue of abuses, including being confined to vessels unless given permission by their skippers to go on land, and being paid less than half the Irish minimum wage that would apply if they were legally employed. They have also spoken of extreme sleep deprivation, having to work for days or nights on end with only a few hours’ sleep, and with no proper rest days. Read the rest here 11:34