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Crabbers boiling about delayed payments for 2016 catch

Crab fishermen selling their catch to Jessie’s Ilwaco Fish Company say they have been given only a portion of the money owed to them for the second year in a row — leaving some more than a $100,000 short. Now a number of fishermen are reportedly leaving Jessie’s to sell their catch elsewhere. The reason for the stall in payment has been an issue with the line of credit coming to Jessie’s owner Don Alber, according to fishermen who had been in contact with Alber. Alber has not responded to multiple attempts to reach him by phone. Read the article here 20:06

Sardine crash threatens port funding

ILWACO — If fishery managers shut down the commercial sardine fishery this year — and it is likely they will — the Port of Ilwaco could lose important tonnage that helps to establish it as a priority among other small ports. Sardines are not a major local cash harvest and the fishermen fishing for them are not based in Ilwaco, but at one time the fish were a big part of processing operations at Jessies’ Ilwaco Fish Company at the Port of Ilwaco, and are a significant product for seafood processors in Clatsop County, Ore. Read the rest here 16:36

Rough commercial crab season recently became harder for fishermen selling to Jessie’s Ilwaco Fish Company.

ILWACO —According to fishermen, many of whom have sold their crab to Jessie’s for years, the seafood processor has not paid the full amount owed them as of Dec. 24. This puts the fleet out by millions, according to some estimates. Dungeness crab was going for $3.10 and, currently, $3.50 per pound, an increase over last year when fishermen saw prices of $2.62 per pound at the start of the season. Read the rest here 18:46