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Simple greed shut down cannery: Nobels

stop-corporate-greed-sign 2The Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District is demanding a higher stake in the region’s salmon resources, calling for a return to abandoned policies that protected communities precisely from those such as Canfisco’s closure of Prince Rupert’s salmon cannery. Vice chair and director of Area A, Des Nobels, wasted no time at the last regular meeting to blame the of simple greed for the hundreds of lost jobs at the Canfisco cannery. Read the article here 20:14

Unifor calls on federal government to revoke Jim Pattison Group’s fishing licences

If Jim Pattison Group’s Canadian Fishing Company unifor-shield-rgb_0 (CFC) cannot generate good jobs with a majority control in the salmon fishery, the federal government should revoke the fishing licences, said the union representing cannery workers in Prince Rupert. CFC announced last week that it has plans to close the last production canning facility in British Columbia, costing up to 500 jobs and virtually closing the community’s largest employer. “Fish caught in northern BC waters should be processed in a north coast plant,” said Joie Warnock, Unifor’s Western Director. Press Release here 20:20