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Last-minute change allows public comments on Joint Law Enforcement Agreement at tonight’s DMF meeting

NCDMF_trnsprntThe Joint Law Enforcement Agreement Advisory Group has been scheduled to meet June 1 at 5:00 P.M. at the Craven County Agricultural Center in New Bern for several weeks. In a press release e-mailed to media outlets and those on the Division of Marine Fisheries/Marine Fisheries Commission contact list on the afternoon of May 31, the Division of Marine Fisheries announced the agenda had been changed to allow public comment at the meeting. This was a surprise and hopefully those wanting to speak will be able to change their schedules at the late notice. Read the rest here 10:30

“Joint Law Enforcement Agreement” – Constrain Feds and Encourage Science for Fishermen

635713273782374596-north-carolina-NC-flagProgressive protection of the fisheries is needed but mostly against polluters and out-of-state special interests controlling NC legislators. Federal agencies are necessary to stop the destruction of fisheries by foreign and out-of-state special interests that defy the people’s will in NC. Federalism is not inherently bad and is needed for doing things (together, as a nation) that concern issues that cross State borders, like pollution and some fish stocks fall into that category, as well. Having said that, there are large, distinctly NC fisheries, that should not fall into Federal Management, like crabbing and any commercial fishing within the Sounds, inside the Barrier Islands, unique to NC. Read the rest here 08:40

Will North Carolina give up even more sovereignty to the National Marine Fisheries Service?

81932EnWP2037163.lgNext week (June 1) will be a significant day if you are concerned about Federal control of our lives. There will be a meeting of an “advisory group” in New Bern to consider whether or not the state should sign a “Joint Law Enforcement Agreement” to impose greater Federal control over the regulation of fishing within the state’s waters. Note the last part…within the state’s waters. Click here to read the announcement. Most people, even including fishermen, will not be in New Bern on June 1. The decision of whether to recommend to give this power to the National Marine Fisheries Service will be made by a small group of people who serve on this panel representing various special interest groups who have a stake in fishing regulations. As always, the dominant special interests are recreational fishing interests vs. commercial fishing interests. Read the rest here 10:03