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Good Video – Distressed N.L. fishing vessel expected in Greenland this afternoon

2016-02-23-05-49-48-Screen%20Shot%202016-02-23%20at%206.39.39%20AMA YouTube video has been released, showing operations Monday to assist a fishing vessel in distress in the Davis Strait, about 270 miles northeast of Iqaluit. The Newfoundland fishing vessel, with about 30 people on board, hit ice and made a distress call Sunday night to the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax. On Monday afternoon, Major Rhonda Stevens of the Joint Task Force Atlantic said JRCC Halifax was working closely with Greenland authorities to have a Danish warship dispatched to provide further assistance to the crew. Watch the video, Read the rest here 10:02

3 Fishermen pulled from water after falling overboard on first day of lobster season

hi-cormorant-heli-cp-567961-8colThree people were pulled from the water after they went overboard from two boats southwest of Yarmouth for a freezing and dangerous start to the lobster season. Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre spokesman navy Lt. Len Hickey said two workers went overboard from one boat, plus one from a different boat, about 30 nautical miles southwest of Yarmouth. He did not know the time of the incidents, but it’s believed to be between 9 and 10 a.m. Read the article here 14:19

Rescued fisherman found clinging to gas can

The Canadian military says three fishermen rescued off Newfoundland’s west coast on Thursday are lucky to be alive. A fisheries patrol vessel was in the area of Little Port when its crew spotted the overturned boat and people in the water. Read more here

Skipper of crew stranded on ice pan hails rescuers

The skipper of a crab-fishing boat whose crew used an ice pan to stay alive on Sunday is deeply impressed by the search and rescue team that brought him and his colleagues to safety in Newfoundland’s Notre Dame Bay. “We just struck a little bit of ice there. I guess I put one through her,” said Lorne Fudge, describing how the DLL Venture ran into trouble while the crew was returning from the crab grounds. Read more here  09:01