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New Jonah crab rules for East Coast fishermen

jonahFishing regulators say there will be a new limit on how many Jonah crabs fishermen will be allowed to harvest. East Coast fishermen’s catch of Jonah crabs has been growing in recent years as the crustacean grows in popularity. They are used in processed products and as an alternative to the more expensive Dungeness and stone crabs. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission  has set a bycatch limit of 1,000 pounds of crabs per trip for trawl and net fishermen. Fishermen who unintentionally catch Jonah crabs using certain kinds of traps will face the same standard. Bycatch is incidental catch by fishermen who are seeking something else. The commission says the new standards will prevent increases in proliferation of traps. AP

Catching Jonah: Could an overlooked crab break Maine’s lobster dependence?

tina gray crab pickingTina Gray of Deer Isle recalls when picking and selling crabmeat was a prevalent cottage industry along the Maine coast. She and other lobstermen’s wives routinely picked and packaged crab meat at their kitchen sinks, she said, but many got out of the trade years ago when new federal rules for seafood processing went into place. Gray, who’s going on 33 years picking crab meat for a living, remains one of just a few in her area who keep up with the work. She bills herself as “ The Crab Lady.” Read the rest here 08:22

Jonah Crab Hearing – Portland, Me. tonight, 18:00 – Portsmouth, NH, 19:30, Tuesday

Interstate fishery regulators are holding hearings in Portland at Casco Bay Lines Conference Room, 56 Commercial Street, Portland, tonight, 18:00, and at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth 19:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Regulators with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission say the interstate management plan would regulate issues such as minimum size. 12:07

Rhode Island Seafood Scene: Make room calamari, crabs are moving in

Another ocean-dwelling species, crab, has scuttled into a prominent position in the Rhode Island seafood scene, providing a welcome boost for beleaguered southern New England lobstermen. Brownish, with large, often black-tipped claws, Jonah crab are most abundant between Georges Bank off of Cape Cod to the North Carolina Outer Banks. They are caught mostly by lobstermen in the same traps used for lobster. Read the rest here 08:23