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Bipartisan Congressional Push for Summer Flounder Assessment

In a bipartisan letter submitted to Assistant Administrator for Fisheries Eileen Sobeck on Thursday, members of the house_of_representatives stressed the importance of scheduling a benchmark assessment for summer flounder in 2017. Citing the socioeconomic value of the commercial and recreational summer flounder fishery and the looming quota reductions proposed for 2017 and 2018 due in part to a lack of data, Rep. Tom MacArthur and 4 other representatives indicate that any delay in the assessment of summer flounder “would be a major mistake and threaten the health of the summer flounder population as well as the economy of the communities the fishery supports.” Read the story here 11:56

“Concentrated fish poo is just not Pure Michigan,” Sen. Jones works to ban fish farming in the Great Lakes

“In Michigan, legislators have a Constitutional duty to protect our Great Lakes,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “By allowing commercial fish farming we can say goodbye to our Pure Michigan status and hello to an undrinkable Toledo water supply.” Jones said commercial fish farms in the Great Lakes are all risk and no reward. These are proven sources of pollution, invasive species, disease, and fugitive fish escaping to wreak havoc on our Great Lakes fisheries. Read the rest here 07:06