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Bristol Bay fishery Saturday update – Naknek-Kvichak netted 1.1 million yesterday, it’s biggest catch to date.

The Bristol Bay fishery continues to show signs of building towards either a peak or a long tail end with another day of big catches Friday. Naknek-Kvichak netted 1.1 million yesterday, it’s biggest catch to date. KDLG reports that some processors had already started letting people go because of the smaller-than-forecast run. Activity at the Bristol Bay Port is ramping up, though. “In the last 24 hours we’ve taken in 98 reefers of salmon,” said Robert “Herk” McDermott, the port manager, speaking Friday. For context, he said 139 was the most they had ever moved in a 24-hour period. Read the rest here 10:38

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 21, 2015 with KDLG’s Molly Dischner

bristol bay fishing report 6-21-15Today we hear the news the westside has been waiting for – setnets are going in the water – and take a trip from Kachemak Bay to Bristol Bay. A look at Sunday’s catch and escapement numbers, an interview with area managers from both sides of the bay, and a journey from Kachemak Bay to Bristol Bay. That, plus a conversation about fisheries research with UW’s Daniel Schindler. Listen to the report here 19:03

Alaska Fish Said to be Unaffected by Fukushima Accident

Any concerns of radiation from the Fukushima explosion in 2011 affecting the Alaskan seafood has been ruled out by the US Food and Drug Administration. Listen, and read more here 14:37

The Sockeye Run to Bristol Bay has Exceeded 30-Million

Commercial fishermen continue to harvest huge amounts of sockeye as the total run to Bristol Bay has exceeded 30-million. Monday’s sockeye harvest was just over 1-million sockeye. That pushes the season total to over 21.1-million. The district that is way out front in regards to,, Read more here 09:33

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report’s for July 4th, and 5th, 2014

Listen to The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for July 4th, and Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for July 5, 2014 with Mike Mason, KDLG 22:02

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for June 27, 2014 By Mike Mason

The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Friday June 27 includes an update on the strong push of sockeye into and through the Nushagak District and a story about the efforts by the BB-RSDA to study a driftnet buyback program in Bristol Bay.  We also take a look at the latest harvest and escapement numbers for Bristol Bay and hear about a project to use photo’s from the fishing grounds to fight development of the controversial Pebble Mine. Listen to the report here 11:17

Listen to Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for June 20, 2014

The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for June 20th includes an update on harvest and escapement across the Bay and a story about an effort to reinstate the J-1 Visa program for Alaska’s seafood processing industry.   The report also includes a story about the efforts of the BB-RSDA to stop development of the proposed Pebble Mine. Click here 19:45

F/V Lonestar Not Going Anywhere, For Now

radio-microphoneMagone Marine unable to lift the vessel out of the mud after four attempts, taking the salvage plan back to the drawing board. It’s shaping up to be a quiet week at the mouth of the Igushik River, where salvage operations have thus far failed to lift the F/V Lonestar out of the mud. KDLG’s Dave Bendinger has this update: [email protected]  22:12

Government Considers Protecting Iliamna Harbor Seals Under Endangered Species Act

radio-microphoneMysterious harbor seals are the latest point of contention in the Pebble mine debate as the government considers the possibility of listing Iliamna Lake Harbor Seals on the Endangered Species list. This comes after an environmental group put forth a petition urging the listing. They cite threats from ocean acidification, climate change, and the proposed Pebble Mine.  KDLG’s Ben Matheson has more on the freshwater seals at the center of the debate.  [email protected]

More Fishing Time in Togiak

radio-microphoneBristol Bay’s final significant sockeye run is to the Togiak River and like the rest of the Bay’s sockeye runs, it’s showing up early. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for June 20 and 21

radio-microphoneThe Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for June 20 and 21 includes additional content not included in the Report for Friday, June 19. [email protected]