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TSB Canada urges Fishermen to run safety drills in wake of tragic death investigation – New rules coming

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada says the crew on board a Nova Scotia fishing boat could have done more to prepare for potential emergencies, and that lack of planning may have played a role in the death of one of their own. Keith Stubbert, a 53-year-old man fisherman from Cape Breton, was dragged overboard from the Cock-a-Wit Lady and died during the first day of lobster season in southwestern Nova Scotia on Nov. 30, 2015. In a report released Thursday, the safety board said the crew of the ship hadn’t ever conducted safety drills and didn’t have a system for on-board risk management, such as meetings to identify safety risks. Transport Canada’s new fishing vessel safety regulations will come into force July 13, 2017. Under these rules small fishing boats will be required to have written safety procedures and familiarize all people on board with those procedures. The regulations also require safety drills be performed, including how to rescue someone who falls overboard. Records are to be kept of every drill, said the Transportation Safety Board.  Read the story here 14:10

C.B. lobster fisherman Keith Stubbert remembered with fondness, sadness

Friends and family say Keith Stubbert loved being on the water and working for a living. Stubbert died Monday after falling overboard while lobster fishing southwest of Yarmouth. Close friend Sonja Francis of North Sydney said Stubbert went fishing off the South Shore every fall and spent about six months of the year at sea. “He was a hard worker and everybody loved him,” Francis said. Her son A.J. said Stubbert, 53, was like a stepfather to him. Read the article here 08:38

Cape Breton lobster fisherman who died Monday lost his own father to the sea

The Cape Breton lobster fisherman who died Monday in a fishing accident off the coast of southwestern Nova Scotia was the son of a fisherman who was also killed at sea, according to his great-uncle. Keith Stubbert, 53, was setting lobster traps on the Cockawit Lady when he fell overboard Monday on the first day of the area’s lucrative lobster season. Stubbert was from a family of fishermen, his great-uncle, Emerson Stubbert, told CBC on Tuesday. His father, Edward Stubbert, also died while lobster fishing. Sadly, Read the article here 17:34