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Estimating similarity in benthic communities over decades and in areas open and closed to fishing in the central Gulf of Maine

ABSTRACT: The ledges and banks of the central Gulf of Maine (i.e. Fippennies Ledge, Jeffreys Ledge, Cashes Ledge, and Platts Bank) have supported groundfish and Atlantic sea scallop fisheries for centuries. The benthic community of Fippennies Ledge was evaluated and compared during 2 time periods separated by more than 2 decades, the first based on a series of photographs collected during manned submersible dives conducted in 1986 and 1987 and the second using photographs collected during drop camera video surveys conducted in 2009 to 2014. >click to read<21:08

UMass researchers land $4.4M from NOAA for scallop study

smast“The funding provided by NOAA is essential to support critical science being done at SMAST in collaboration with the fishing industry,” said Kevin D. E. Stokesbury, who chairs SMAST’s department of fisheries oceanography and is a principal investigator on three of the four projects receiving funding.  Read more here 17:49