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Obituary: Joey Murrin – Voice of Irish fishing industry for more than 40 years

Joey Murrin, who has died in his home port of Killybegs, Co Donegal, at the age of 81, was a leading fish industry lobbyist and natural communicator with a unique ability to simplify the most complex issues. A consummate negotiator, he dealt with 15 government ministers during his career, and was feared by several; even former taoiseach Charles J Haughey once expressing irritation at his popularity. Born in Killybegs the youngest of four children, he began his career at sea in 1954 as a deckhand, fishing on the San Paulin owned by Tommy Watson. >click to read< 11:24

UK fishermen see Brexit bonanza, but there’s a catch

Newlyn – For the fishermen of this small port on the toe of England, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was an answer to their prayers. After 45 years chafing under what they saw as unfair quotas in one of the world’s richest fishing grounds, the UK government would finally, in the lexicon of Brexiteers, “take back control” of British waters. But what Brexit gives with one hand, it can also take away. European fishermen want Brussels to use its trump card – continued access to the essential EU market – in negotiations on how to divvy up the seas. click here to read the story 12:15

Why Irish fishers are right to be worried about the UK taking back control of its waters

Many warning alarms have already been raised over Brexit, but Irish fishers may suffer the most substantial blow yet in the fallout from the UK leaving the EU. Earlier this year, the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation flagged that Ireland will be denied hundreds of thousands of tonnes of its annual haul post-Brexit. The group’s point was a simple one. When Britain leaves the EU, Irish fishers will be barred from entering British waters they previously enjoying lucrative rights to access. British secretary of state Michael Gove confirmed Irish fishers’ worst fears recently when he said: “We are taking back control. We can decide the terms of access.” One lawyer, Dermot Conway, who specialises in maritime regulations, was straightforward in his assessment of the situation – Irish fishers should be very worried. click here to read the story 21:17

Tributes paid on death of pioneering mackerel skipper and fishing industry leader

Killybegs mackerel skipper Martin Howley has passedMartin Howley was known from ‘north Norway to China’. Tributes have been paid to pioneering mackerel skipper, Donegal-based businessman and fishing industry leader Martin Howley who has died after a short illness. Mr Howley (63) was joint owner of one of the largest Irish mackerel vessels, the Atlantic Challenge, and served a number of terms over 18 years as chairman of the Killybegs Fishermen’s Organisation (KFO). After he came ashore, he became involved with leading netmaking factory Swan Net Gundry in Killybegs, and was a consultant on fishing techniques in several countries, including Chile, Peru, Iran, Namibia and Alaska. Read the rest here 14:08