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NOAA disperses final $13M for 2012 king salmon disaster

cashThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced on Jan. 12 the approval of a second round of disaster funds for research and to be distributed to fishermen who were negatively impacted by the chinook salmon fishery disasters in 2012; $13 million of the total $20.8 million will be paid out to a variety of sport and commercial users. Read the rest here 20:04

“It became very apparent that we were in a fight for our industry at that point,”

Every-one together

Every family takes proactive role during summer king salmon disaster

By Rashah McChesney

  Travis Every spent June and July standing at his family’s setnet sites watching the sockeye salmon jump in their rush toward the Kenai River.

But, instead of setting his nets in the water to catch a portion of the season’s estimated 6.2 million sockeye run, Travis — like many other East Side setnetters in the Cook Inlet — remained beached, his nets drying in the sun.

“We didn’t do anything else,” Travis said. “You get up and even though you aren’t fishing, you wake up at five in the morning, drive to the beach site, have coffee, watch all the fish jump, get pissed off, get on the phone and start calling people.”

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