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Squid stocks in Korean waters depleted by Chinese overfishing – Video

It’s early morning at Jumunjin port in the eastern coastal city of Gangneung, and fishermen are busy transporting their catch to market. The commercial fishing season for squid opened a month ago, but the fishermen are far from happy. “At this time of year, we would normally catch between four to six thousand squid, but this year, we’ve only been catching between 6-hundred to 1-thousand.” Many fishermen are opting to keep their boats in the port as they know going out is not profitable anymore. Video, Read the rest here 16:34

Showdown looms for lucrative Western Pacific tuna industry

The future of the world’s largest tuna fishery will be decided at a meeting in Australia this week, with Pacific island nations demanding tighter controls on a catch now worth US$7.0 billion a year. A record 2.65 million tonnes of tuna was hauled from the Pacific last year, accounting for 60 percent of the global catch, with most of the fishing conducted by so-called “distant water” fleets from as far afield as Europe, the United States, China, Korea and Taiwan. Island nations, many of which rely on tuna for a significant portion of their income, fear stocks are becoming unsustainable and want action at the December 2-6 meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) in Cairns. [email protected] 08:16