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Lake Pontchartrain basin commercial fishermen report crippling shrimp and crab shortage – Video

“What caused Lake Pontchartrain basin to not produce like it normally has, I think it is a combination of reasons,” said Patrick. “The closing of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet [MR-GO], the oil spill, things have changed and we don’t have the same circulation we had before. [email protected]

North Shore Crabber Sings the Pontchartrain Blues

Louisiana Seafood News – From Manchac to the Rigolets, the rows and rows of neatly stacked crab traps sitting unused on docks and piers tell a story that local crabbers hope will eventually have a happy ending. But for the time being, many are bracing and preparing for the worst. Among them is Manchac-based crabber Laramie Hill. continued