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Tribute to Redgeway Russell thrown overboard in a bottle washes up exactly where he’d want it to

When Corinna Russell’s father died in 2015, she did something he probably wouldn’t have approved of. She agreed to take his place aboard the Northern Swan, a small crab fishing boat launched out of their hometown, William’s Harbour, on the south coast of Labrador. “I don’t think Dad would have been too impressed at that moment. I think he would have been nervous.” The 2016 crab season was the first in many years without Redgeway Russell on deck. The younger Russell says it was difficult for all hands. “The whole crab season was very emotional for me,” she said, “I tried my hardest to fill his shoes — pretty big shoes to fill.” At the end of the season, Russell and the rest of the crew decided to do something special for her father. Crewmate Pamela Penney penned a tribute to her old friend, rolled it up in a bottle, and asked his daughter to throw it out to sea. One year later — on Father’s Day — they learned the bottle had landed in Ireland.  click here to read the story and see the message 09:57