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Lifejacket probe widened following Fishing Vessel Louisa fishermen deaths

An investigation into the performance of lifejackets worn by three fishermen who died after their boat sank has been widened out to other parts of Europe. The men lost their lives after abandoning the crab boat Louisa off Mingulay last year. The coastguard and maritime accident investigators have been examining the lifejackets and how they are tested. Partners agencies elsewhere in Europe have been contacted about a wider research and testing programme. The survival aids involved in the Louisa incident are understood to be widely used.,,On the latest developments, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: “This is the first time we have had a concern identified with an in-service lifejacket and we are investigating urgently. click here to read the story 20:21

Fishermen urged to wear lifejackets in new safety campaign

image Wicklow fishermen Gerald Copeland and David Massey,Whelk fisherman David Massey knew he was wearing no ordinary lifejacket when he hit the water unexpectedly about 11km off the coast of Wicklow in April last year. His personal flotation device (PFD) was fitted with an emergency beacon which would inform the rescue authorities of his precise location, his name, his address and his next-of-kin. “Still, I thought we were gone,” the 42-year-old, originally from Co Limerick, said. Mr Massey was one of three crew on the MFV Lavicca, which capsized off the Wicklow coast on April 15th, 2015. Read the article here 19:12

NIOSH Fishing safety program survives cuts – As long as the program lives, lifejackets are a major focus of that effort to try to save fishermen’s lives

Falls overboard are the second largest cause of death in fishermen, Lincoln said. Only one of the 191 fishermen who died between 2000 and 2012 was wearing a lifejacket, Lincoln said. “A PFD doesn’t guarantee survival, but it certainly increases the chances of surviving a fall overboard,” Lincoln said. A recent NIOSH study looked into the preferred lifejackets for various commercial gear types by surveying fishermen and asking 200 to evaluate lifejackets for 30 days on deck. [email protected]