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Keith Sullivan – Leave scarce shrimp to the inshore fishery

The inshore owner-operator northern shrimp fishery, which is confined to the waters adjacent to the northeast coast of Newfoundland and south coast of Labrador, is being threatened with destruction as a result of poor management and a sharp decline in the stock. In 2015, the directly contributed approximately $250 million to the Newfoundland and Labrador economy. Much of this value originates in rural communities, paying wages to thousands of harvesters, processing workers and truck drivers, and providing profits to processing companies. Indirectly, the economy of the shrimp fishery keeps schools, businesses and municipalities sustainable. Read the rest here 09:41

Formal DFO plan for 2016 shrimp season may take until June

hi-shrimp-852It will be several weeks before the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is able to offer a formal plan for shrimp quotas for the 2016 season. Meanwhile, trawlers that are fishing in the area off southern Labrador will continue to fish until March 31, which is the end of their current season. Earlier this week the Fish Food and Allied Workers (FFAW) called for an immediate cessation of fishing in the area, after they learned that preliminary estimates from DFO scientists showed a decline of about 40 percent of the shrimp biomass in that area. However, that’s not likely to happen. Read the rest here 09:30

PRESS RELEASE: Mulcair commitments to benefit members of FFAW-Unifor – Will Fix LIFO

If elected Prime Minister, Mr. Mulcair committed to fixing the controversial LIFO (Last-In First-Out) policy applied with respect to shrimp quota allocations. The policy, if not fixed, will cost nearly 3,000 direct jobs in coastal communities throughout the province. The NDP leader said he would ensure fairness and take into consideration the thousands of people who rely on this resource for their livelihood. In addition, Mr. Mulcair also reiterated his party’s commitment to restore critical Coast Guard services that were cut under the federal Conservative government,,, Read the rest here 09:46