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Linda Bean once hoped to be to lobster what Perdue is to chicken. What happened?

Linda Lorraine Bean, the other L.L. Bean, has spent the last decade promoting her lobster empire, one that merged the cachet of her family name with the popularity of the state’s top crustacean.,, So what happened to the sprawling business venture that Bean hoped to make as synonymous with lobster as Frank Perdue’s empire is to chicken? Bean, now in her 70s, declined to comment despite repeated attempts to reach her and those connected to her. It’s been a quiet departure for a woman not known to shy away from the spotlight. Read the article here 11:13

Linda Bean says Rockland lobster processing plant has fixed FDA violations

A major lobster processor claims to have fixed a long list of FDA violations. Linda Bean says she has addressed everything on the list. An FDA spokeswoman declined to comment on whether the FDA believes Linda Bean’s corrections are adequate. BDN 09:20

Linda Bean’s path to becoming one of the major players in the state’s lobster industry came late in life.

“I was 67 at the time and going through a divorce,” Bean said about her decision to try a new career in the lobster industry. “This gave me a new lease on life.” Bean, who is the granddaughter of L.L.Bean’s founder, had a home in Port Clyde and about a quarter mile away was the Port Clyde General Store, the Dip Net restaurant, and down the road, the Bay Lobster wharf where lobstermen unloaded their catch. [email protected] bdn.com

Linda Bean buys Rockland building to meet demands of growing lobster business

BDN – ROCKLAND, Maine — Linda Bean, who has become a major player in the lobster industry, has purchased an 11,000-square-foot building from a Canadian company that had planned to convert the facility into a lobster processing plant. continued