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AquaBounty’s Stotish responds to Sobeys decision against selling GE salmon

Since the first genetically engineered salmon was sold in Canada this summer, retailers and environmental groups have stepped up their opposition to the product. After four years of review, the Canadian government declared GE salmon safe for consumption and allowed it to be sold in 2016. However, resistance has been growing,,, Retailers have responded, with Sobeys, which operates 15,000 stores across Canada, recently becoming the latest grocery chain in North America to declare that it will not be selling AquaBounty’s AquAdvantage salmon, after Loblaws and Metro declared they would not sell GE salmon earlier this year. click here to read the story 10:40

But Will They Sell Spiney Dogfish? – Loblaws commits to sustainable seafood products by end of 2013

The head of Loblaws told the seafood industry on Monday that the grocery chain is on track with its plans to only sell sustainable fish products by the end of 2013. Galen G. Weston, the executive chair of Loblaw Cos. Ltd., made the announcement at the 2013 World Seafood Congress, which is being held in St. John’s. [email protected]  07:39