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Life on a rock lobster boat

Starting in the dark, long days in isolation, and repetitive physical labour. Sounds like farming, but it’s actually the life of a rock lobster fisherman. It is 3:15am, cold and dark, and Colin and Brodi Milstead are headed into the Southern Ocean. The father-and-son team are aboard Brodi Milstead’s boat, Impact, at the Robe marina in South Australia. It is a simple vessel, 53-feet long. Off the side hangs a pulley style machinewhich will be used to lift out the pots of red gold — the treasure being southern zone rock lobsters. click here to read the story 11:38

Years of high lobster landings spark resurgence in Maine’s boat building industry

A lobsterman’s biggest expense is the boat. Analysts say Maine’s boat-building industry has made a remarkable recovery since it bottomed out during the Great Recession of 2008, when many of the state’s boat builders, including Young Brothers Boats of Corea, decided to get out of the business. Inside Mike Light’s boat shop in Steuben, a 44-foot Calvin Beal lobster boat is getting a major face-lift that its owner hopes will keep him fishing for another 6-10 years. The seas take a toll on these hardworking vessels, and when the time comes for repairs, Light says, some fishermen are choosing to upgrade. click here to read the story 21:00

Teacher finds the lobster shift is a class by itself – my first summer job on a lobster boat

Dana McIntyre is a smart man. As I hung my arms high on the railing atop the stern of Island Lady, his lobster boat, leaning toward the expanse of Middle Bay in Harpswell as we sped from one string of traps to another, he said: “If I had your job as a high school teacher, talking and listening to students, parents, teachers and administrators nonstop for 10 months, I would not be starved for conversation in the summertime, either.” Captain Dana had nailed it. I love the idea of not talking during summer vacation, although it never works out that way. Dana knew how to get me yapping while taking care of business at my first summer job on a lobster boat – 30 years after buying a house less than 2 miles from Potts Harbor, at the end of a skinny 13-mile peninsula we call home. click here to read the story 10:06

Racing the past in Jonesport, Maine: 5 days aboard the world’s fastest lobster boats

The lobstermen who make up this strange party compete all summer long on a race circuit that takes them and their boats to 11 fishing communities up and down the Maine coast. A 26-foot boat really only needs a 250-horsepower engine, but in order to race, lobstermen and women trick out boats of that size with 350-500 horsepower and open up their throttles for little more than pride. Some of the vessels are over 40 feet long and pack over 1200 horsepower. The winnings are negligible; first place takes home $150, second place nets $100, and third wins $50. That’s nothing for people who pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year catching lobsters. The money doesn’t matter. The real prize is bragging rights.  Video, click here to read the story 10:29

Warren Maine man admits to helping sink lobster boat

A 21-year-old Warren man was sentenced Thursday, Jan. 26, to three months in jail for his role in the sinking of a lobster boat off St. George last summer. Devin Meklin pleaded guilty in Knox County Unified Court to aggravated criminal mischief and theft in connection to the Sept. 1 sinking of the 36-foot lobster boat Oracle owned by Joshua Hupper of St. George. Meklin was one of three people charged in the case. According to investigators, 47-year-old Alan B. Norwood Jr., a St. George lobsterman, paid his sternman, Vincent Hilt, 22, of Vinalhaven, $500 to sink Hupper’s boat. Norwood and Hilt have both pleaded not guilty to criminal charges. Norwood is charged with felony aggravated criminal mischief. Hilt is charged with felony criminal mischief and theft. Read the story here 15:52

Lobster Boat Passes from One Generation to the Next in Friendship

67810bA lobster boat with a long history of plying the waters around the Friendship peninsula will stay in the fishing community, changing hands from one generation to another, thanks to a generous donation. Bill Ambrose, of North Yarmouth, the boat’s previous owner and a frequent visitor to his family’s cottage in Friendship, wanted to pass his historic fishing vessel, Caroline, on to a young lobsterman.  Bill Ambrose passed away in September 2015 at the age of 77, from pancreatic cancer.  Prior to his passing, he met Taylah Reed, a freshman at Medomak Valley High School, through Reed’s grandfather, Henry Thompson Sr. Read the rest here 14:36

Massachusetts Man jumps into water after lobster boat catches fire

A man operating a lobster vessel off Crane Beach in Ipswich was uninjured after he jumped into the water when his boat caught fire Friday morning, the Coast Guard said. The unidentified man’s boat, the 1977 28-foot wood-hulled Dawn Breaker, caught fire at 9:30 a.m. for reasons still under investigation, Coast Guard spokesman Robb Ruddell said. The man tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher but jumped into the water after it worsened, he said. Read the rest here 12:05

Lobster boat strikes the stern of schooner Lazy Jack, a 48-foot tourist and charter boat based out of Boothbay Harbor.

lazy jackNo one was hurt when a 48-foot tourist schooner was struck by a lobster boat Wednesday afternoon near Squirrel Island in Boothbay Harbor. The Lazy Jack, a wooden sailboat that operates out of Boothbay Harbor, sent out a distress call about 1:06 p.m. Wednesday, said U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Kurt Hein. The schooner was struck in the stern and sustained extensive damage, but was able to limp back to port with a Coast Guard escort, Hein said. Several people were evacuated from the schooner onto a nearby commercial vessel that heard the distress call,,, Read the rest here 16:21

Lobster boat catches fire in Northeast Harbor

The owner was on the boat at the time but was not injured, according to the local fire chief. The extent of damage to the boat was not clear, Chief Michael Bender said Thursday, but it was still floating and there was no visible damage on the boat’s exterior when firefighters got the flames under control. The boat, Wave Guide, was towed over to the public dock by another fishing boat, Crazy Water, to make the response effort easier, Bender said. Read the rest here 21:20

Vinalhaven Me – Father, son swim to safety after lobster boat Midnight Rider goes up in flames

A father and son were forced to swim a few hundred yards to shore after a swiftly moving fire engulfed their vessel. David Anthony and son Blake Anthony were resting Tuesday afternoon after the ordeal. Vinalhaven Fire Chief Marc Candage said the two men were fortunate to have survived swimming a long distance in such cold waters. The water temperature was about 43 degrees on Tuesday. Read the rest here 20:05