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Cape Breton – Lobster prices drop for area fishermen

Cape Breton fishermen might be feeling the pinch of a recent drop in the price of lobster. The season for clawed crustaceans opened May 15 in the island’s largest lobster fishing area, which spans from Bay St. Lawrence to Fourchu. Marlene Brogan, manager of Ballast Ground Fisheries, said when the season opened the price of landed lobster was $6.50. On Friday, it dropped for some fishermen to $6, with the retail price coming in at $9.50 for live lobsters. >click to read<12:02

Prices and catch were all positive in lobster fishing area 27

lobster area 27The 2016 lobster season was marked by good weather, good catches and good prices. “The price reached $8 early in the season and stayed there until the end,” said Alvin LeBlanc, a crewmember on the All Jacked Up out the Ballast Grounds in North Sydney. “It’s a pretty intense nine weeks, but this season’s been a good one.” Fishermen in area 27 from Bay St. Lawrence to Forchu set their traps May 14. Speculation was that the fishermen would get $6 a pound to start the season. Richard Gerrow, who has been fishing for more than 40 years, said the price started at $6 and just kept climbing. “Overall it was a pretty good season and it helped that the weather was good on most days.” Read the rest here 13:09

Cape Breton lobsterman enjoys good catches, prices

Blair Campbell doesn’t have much to complain about these days. Not after enduring a couple of less-than-stellar lobster fishing seasons. Take, for example, two years ago, when he and the other 19 licensed lobster fisherman here at Big Big Bras d’Or’s Factory Wharf were forced to sell their catch at a miserable $3.25 a pound. He considered calling it a career. But he persisted. Last year was a little better. Fishermen here recorded solid landings and while lobster prices increased to about $4.50, it was still below the five dollar mark they were after. Read the rest here  15:24