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Lobster Fishing Area 41 – Clearwater Seafoods’ offshore lobster monopoly

Wedgeport lobster fisherman Lucien LeBlanc has watched the big blue Clearwater Seafoods trawler Randell Dominaux hauling lobster traps 80 kilometres off the southern tip of Nova Scotia — and looked on with envy. “If a genie popped up and I could get one wish, I’d like to have a zone all to myself. Not just to myself — I’d love to have it for LFA [lobster fishing area] 34. They have a large zone and they only use a miniscule amount of it,” LeBlanc said. The Clearwater trawler is working its side of what’s known as Lobster Fishing Area 41 — a vast area reserved exclusively for Clearwater in a lobster fishery unique in Canada. >click to read<09:10

107 lobster traps set in closed area seized, DFO investigation continuing

There will be charges laid, but what the charges will be hasn’t been determined yet. On Monday, April 6, DFO seized 54 traps off of southwestern Nova Scotia. On Thursday, April 9, another 53 traps were seized. Both seizures took place in Lobster Fishing Area 41, which is an off-shore area where lobster fishing is not authorized by fishermen licensed to fish in Lobster Fishing Area 34 where the lobster fishery is underway. Read the rest here 15:49