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New video focuses on preventing falls overboard in lobster-fishing industry

preventing-falls-overboardIn an effort to prevent falls overboard among lobster-boat crews, scientific research organization IRSST has released a video featuring Canadian fishermen and deckhands sharing “tricks of the trade” for staying safe. According to IRSST, researchers worked with fishing crews to identify 40 strategies for preventing falls overboard. The video stresses the importance of using fall prevention techniques that work well for a crew’s specific boat. Read the rest here 17:37 Watch the video here

Maine: Lobster license squatting

lobsterDM0811_468x521Maine has a fairly complicated system for limiting entry into the lucrative lobster fishing industry. As presently constructed, some would-be fishermen might wait a decade or more for the chance to have a license of their own. Currently, more than 300 people are waiting. No new licenses are issued in many lobster management zones until someone surrenders one. In other zones, entry is based on the number of trap tags that are surrendered.  Read the article here  10:06