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Audio Report: Supporters Say Lobster Marketing Efforts Paying Off

The first year of Maine’s new lobster marketing effort is starting to pay off. That’s according to supporters, who believe the $1.5 million invested is boosting the profile of a premier brand. And they believe the next four years of the campaign will reap significant rewards for the industry. Given the popularity of the Maine lobster, you might think that chefs everywhere would be comfortable plating it up. But as Matt Jacobsen of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative told a legislative committee recently, that’s not the always the case. Audio, Read the rest here 11:13

Maine Lobstermen’s Association kicks off new year with focus on lobster marketing

On Jan. 6, the Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) hosted the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative’s executive director Matt Jacobson at its first monthly board meeting of 2016. The MLA, founded in 1954, is the state’s oldest fishermen’s organization. The MLA was instrumental in establishing the Collaborative in 2013. Lobstermen are reporting an excellent year for both volume of lobster landings and profit for the 2015 fishing season. This is in stark contrast to the steady decreases in profit the industry suffered after the economic crash of 2008,,, Read the article here 20:20

Southwest Nova Scotia buyers on board with lobster marketing

A significant part of Nova Scotia’s most lucrative lobster fishery could soon be on board with some sort of lobster marketing levy, says Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell. Colwell said Thursday that buyers on the southwestern shore have agreed to pay a fee, although the structure and amount is yet to be determined. “It’s going to be a little bit complex to get it all in place, but at least this is the first breakthrough we’ve had,” said Colwell. Read the rest here 10:53