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An Anti-Fishing Town? Home Storage Of Fishing Gear Dredged Up Anew

“Fishing has always been an important industry in Orleans,” Orleans Planning Board vice chair Chet Crabtree said Aug. 14. “We don’t want to discourage those who fish. On the other hand…there are people who have multiple boats and lobster pots stacked up quite high in the face of neighbors. I’ve heard complaints from other homeowners.” The town has not been aggressive in requiring special permits for such storage, and some may have “abused that laxness,” Crabtree said. >click to read<08:20

Derelict fishing nets have turned the bottom of the sea into a death trap

Each year, at least 640,000 tonnes of nets and other fishing gear goes overboard and never comes back. But just because it’s lost to the sea doesn’t mean that derelict gear stops doing its jobs. The lobster pots, crab traps and dense thickets of nets that litter the sea bottom keep snaring fish and other animals for years or even decades after they go missing. Read more here  09:03