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Lobster processing bill OK’d by Mass State Senate

“Massachusetts has the second largest lobster catch in the country,” Tarr said in a statement. “To keep from being left behind, we should expand our ability to process raw and frozen lobster parts. American lobsters are being harvested here and should be prepared for market here instead of Canada or Maine.” The expansion of allowed processing practices, according to Tarr, would enhance local economies in Massachusetts coastal communities such as Gloucester, which is the state’s most lucrative lobster port, and provide local restaurants and food stores with “superior access to the best lobster parts for their customers.” >click to read<19:26

US Increases Lobster Processing as Prices Reach 15-Year High

lobsterprices535Prices for U.S. lobster meat have climbed to a 15-year high in April, and are up 48% year-over-year. The main reason behind this dramatic rise in the past 12 months has been high demand for lobster products in U.S. food service and retail. So why has processed lobster meat become so popular over the last couple of years? Lobster processing involves extracting the meat from the shell, making it much more consumer-friendly. Processed lobster meat has a longer shelf life and can be stored and shipped better than a live lobster. This, combined with low prices seen in 2014, made the product popular in food service and retail, leading to heavy and successful advertising of processed lobster based products. Read the rest here 11:12

Despite good wages, lobster processing is a hard sell

Since Kyle Murdock opened Sea Hag Seafood in 2012, he’s battled the same issue many Maine businesses face: He needs to attract and hold on to good, reliable workers. “It’s tough finding people in the labor market, getting them into work, and getting them trained and maintaining them,” said Murdock, whose plant in Tenants Harbor employs about 75 people. “It’s a huge concern for us.” Read the rest here 10:25

Maine to fight Canada’s hold on lobster processing – A November bond referendum would dedicate $7 million in public money .

The Canadian Maritimes have long dominated the lobster processing industry, but Maine officials are hoping an upcoming bond referendum will allow the state to claw back the revenue, taxes and jobs it has been sending north of the border for years. Read more here 12:57

In Maine, lobster processing finally catches up – Several new plants open to fill the void that last season’s glut exposed, giving the industry more control over its product.

 For years, Maine’s lobster processing industry was on simmer. But with the help of a glut of the state’s signature seafood and a few savvy entrepreneurs who spotted a hole in the market, it’s on its way to a rolling boil.

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