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Pago Pago: Local businesses feeling impact of purse seiner loss

purse seiners amsamSome local businesses are feeling the effects of purse seiners cancelling trips to Pago Pago to off load their catches, as a result of a ban on US tuna boats in nearby fishing grounds. Local stevedore company Blue Angel which has been in business for 57 years reports that they have lost 60% of their income as a result of several purse seiners not calling into Pago Pago. Owner Herman Popeye Thomsen says his workers used to be paid $200 to $300 a week. But with the cancellations of purse seiners that normally off load at the local canneries, they are earning only $80 to $90 for 1-2 days of work. Read the rest here 13:23

Ocean Global Fisheries withdraws objection to petition

The Partner and Owner of Ocean Global Fisheries and Sea Global Fisheries, Mr. Douglas Hines, now agrees that the US fleet and vessels operating our of American Samoa may be experiencing a disproportionate burden and is hoping that the National Marine Fisheries Service is able to address the concerns raised in Tri Marine’s petition for exemption from the catch limits on fishing in the high seas. There are 37 US purse seiners fishing in this area of which only 18 deliver their catches to the local canneries. Mr. Hines’ companies represent purse seiners that dont send their catches here. Read the rest here 12:21