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Local Crabbers React to Possible SBA Loan Help

Crab-3-jpgThe federal Small Business Administration is trying to find out if California crab fishermen have suffered significant financial losses by a delay in the start of the annual Dungeness and rock crab fishing season. If the losses are substantial enough a  could be declared and low-interest loans would be available to crab fishermen who need them. “We’d rather go fishing we don’t want SBA loans, I can’t make that more clear”, Lori French says, “we’d rather go fishing, we’ve been self-supporting for a lot of years and we want to keep it that way, we’ve never asked for a handout and we don’t want a handout now.” Read the article here 09:04

Crab fishing boats remain in dock as season closure continues

dungenesscrabWhile Dungeness and Rock Crab are off the table, fishermen are losing a source of income.   “It’s our life, it really is. Everything revolves around the crab and the boat,” says Lori French, a local fisherman’s wife and the Vice President of Central Coast Women for Fisheries.   The delayed crab season has taken a toll on French’s family.   “We are living off of savings,” says French. “I don’t think when the press release went out we thought we would be looking at the new year without working and fishing, and here we are at the new year.” Video,  Read the article here 09:06