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Hitting the Elver License Lottery! Handful of lucky Mainers win right to apply for lucrative elver licenses

In the first lottery since 2013 in the lucrative elver fishery, the Maine Department of Marine Resources awarded the right to apply for an elver license to 11 Mainers. 3,136 people applied for the licenses. The lottery, authorized during the past legislative session, was available to Maine residents who are at least 15 years of age by the start of the 2018 season, and who are eligible to purchase an elver license in 2018 because they have not had their right to obtain an elver license suspended. >click here to read< 12:40 

Letters to the editor: Lottery adds to fishermen’s burden

What a good idea the state of Maine has come up with this time. Now the  state has decided to make a lottery for the elver/eeling fishery (“Four  licenses and 5,200 applicants for Maine elvers,” Feb. 14). Which one  will be next? Read more