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Bringing a Taste of Louisiana to China While Stimulating Business Back Home

A contingent from the Terrebonne Parish Economic Development Authority (TEDA) is heading to Weihai, China, a port city on the north coast of the Shandong Peninsula. [email protected]

Imports and Rising Costs Concerns For Seafood Board’s Keith Watts

Competition from imports and the rising costs of doing business are just two of the pressures facing Louisiana crabbers, said Keith Watts as he prepares to represent the state’s crabbing industry on the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board. continued

Jim Gossen: The Old Man and The Seafood – Louisiana Seafood News

As Jim Gossen got older, his sleep patterns changed. No longer a night owl, these days Gossen prefers to have an early-morning coffee on the docks with local fishermen near his Grand Isle, La., camp. And while his sleep times are switched, the 65-year-old Gossen still maintains his around-the-clock energy and enthusiasm for seafood, especially Louisiana seafood. continued